Religious Heritage

Religious Heritage

Religious Heritage

Being a predominantly Catholic country, Portugal still shows the influence from the long-lasting Muslim and Jewish presence in today’s arts, commerce, architecture, and sciences. Follow the footprints of our ancestors and discover a roadmap of temples, pilgrimage sites, and religious festivities in every corner in honor of the local patron saint.

Join the traditional Easter festivities in Braga. Be transported to a time where Jewish life flourished in Lisbon as you enjoy private access to the synagogue. In Belmonte, learn how the Portuguese Jews escape from Inquisition. Visit Fatima, one of Catholicism’s most important shrines. Witness men’s devotion as you visit the Convent of Christ in Tomar. Watch from up close the Senhora da Agonia procession in Viana do Castelo. Or wander in Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods, which remain unchanged since built by the Moors.

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