About Us

A company you can trust.

A company you can trust.

With origins that can be traced back to 1992, A Tropical is a family-owned travel consulting company founded out of the aspiration to boost and indulge our client’s curiosity to discover the world. Our mission is to identify your life moments and understand your motivations so we can transform your dreams into memorable travels!

We are experts in the art of travel. Over the years we have been crafting bespoke experiences across the globe fit to each individual traveler, combining our restless search for innovation, focus on the client’s experience, and passion for service and detail. We are committed to high levels of professionalism and integrity, aiming with every trip to create a positive impact through travel.

The result is a collection of curated experiences, unrivaled access, and human connections that make sure your travels are filled with special moments.

Why travel with A Tropical?

Unforgettable connection

Rosário Pinto launched A Tropical with a vision for transformative travel: aim to ensure an unforgettable connection with local people, places, and experiences. Nothing comes from the shelf: we will design a trip that perfectly aligns with your expectations. Here, we make it personal.

Our People

Our experts providers are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every detail is taken care of and that every option is considered. We want you to enjoy a stress-free holiday and so, our support team is available 24/7 to help with any last-minute arrangements.

Our expertise

To provide exceptional travel experiences is at our core and, for that reason, our team of well-traveled experts knows every corner of our destinations and will happily give out insights and curate recommendations especially for you.


Our special connections grant us unrivaled access to off-the-beaten-path sites and experiences of the highest standards. We are also shareholders at GO4TRAVEL, which allows us access to competitive solutions that will directly benefit you.

Social responsability

Here at A Tropical, we are passionate believers in traveling with a conscious mind. Our vision for travel protects nature environments and supports cultural heritage so that not only each traveler benefit from the journey but also creates a positive impact in local communities. Ultimate luxury travel is found in reconnecting with the world through rewarding experiences.