Lisbon and Alentejo

Lisbon and Alentejo

Lisbon and Alentejo

To comprise together Lisbon, snuggled between the Tejo and the sea, and the vast region of the Alentejo, stretching as far as the eye can see, is to appeal to different tastes and senses. The Portuguese capital is made of hustle and bustle, cosmopolitan feel and the true expression of Fado whilst Alentejo is filled with birdsong, sun-soaked olive groves, and a gentle pace of life.

Delve into what this region has to offer: From the mantle of stars overlooking the Alqueva, to the glorious palaces found in Sintra and Queluz, and Lisbon’s Pombaline square grid downtown, to the walled town of Marvão, yet these are just a few examples.

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Lisbon & Alentejo

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Get to know the Portuguese capital, a truly cosmopolitan city, and the Alentejo, where life takes place at a slow pace.