Culture & Tradition

Culture & Tradition

Culture & Tradition

Once the wealthiest and most powerful empire of the world, Portugal retained most of the effortless charm from its Golden Era. Medieval houses hug opulent monuments and cobblestone streets reign all around the country. The Portuguese cherish tradition and customs, and we wish to offer you insider access to our culture.
Enjoy the lifelong tradition of clay pottery as you visit a local studio and try it yourself. Immerse yourself in atmospheric Santos Populares in Lisbon, where crowds come together in the streets bedecked with colorful arches and the aroma of basil in the air. Go behind the scenes at a handicraft tapestry shop in Arraiolos, a statement of artistic genius. Engrave a one-of-a-kind piece of leather to take home as a souvenir. Listen to Cante Alentejano, Intangible cultural heritage, in a tavern in Beja. During Carnival, head north to witness the famous Caretos de Podence energetically appear on the streets. Or slide through Funchal winding streets on a basket sled.
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São Tomé e Príncipe: Charming, green and diverse

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