City Break

City Break

City Break

Do you wish to know what best Porto and Lisbon have to offer? Discover the up-and-coming spots as well as historical sites in Portugal's metropolitan cities.
Get onboard Lisbon city trams winding through their pretty patchwork, a favorite mode of transportation among Lisboetas. Step into the lively nightlife of Porto downtown. Delve into the capital’s coolest hangouts, from pop-up art galleries to cooperative venues. See behind the scenes at Casa da Música, a Concert Hall and architectural masterpiece. Meander in Feira da Ladra, a flea market where dealers reveal a display of antiques, bric-a-brac, second-hand goods, and artwork. Enjoy a private viewing of an 18th century aristocratic home. Or end your afternoon sipping Port wine at a boutique wine cellar.
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Lisbon & Alentejo

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Get to know the Portuguese capital, a truly cosmopolitan city, and the Alentejo, where life takes place at a slow pace.

Northern Europe (City Tour + Cruise)

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Departing from Copenhagen, sail through majestic landscapes and discover picturesque coastal cities in Northern Europe!