Romance & Honeymoon

Romance & Honeymoon

Romance & Honeymoon

Celebrate your lives together somewhere extraordinary. Steal away to spend some quality time on a holiday just for the two of you. In our personalized tours, there is something for every couple.

The small villages of the Amalfi Coast are a real example of la dolce vita. Hike atop the towering peaks in the Himalayas for sunrise. Find romance with a candlelight dinner in Santorini. Enjoy a lazy evening at your over-water villa in the Maldives. Gaze up at the dancing Northern Lights in Scandinavia. Dip your toes in the crystal waters of Seychelles. Or watch elephants play together in the rugged Kenyan bush.

Our experts have endless possibilities to offer you.

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Tanzania & Zanzibar

On request

Delve into "the place where the land has no end" looking for felines and pamper yourself in Zanzibar golden sand beaches.

Maldives Hideaway

On Request

Discover the ultimate remote haven: fine sandy beaches, sapphire blue water, and a multitude of underwater coral reefs.

Exclusive Seychelles

On request

Explore the enchanting Seychelles with our luxurious and personalized experiences

Exclusive Sri Lanka

On request

Located at the tip of India, Sri Lanka is without a doubt one of the main jewels of Asia.