Remote Experiences

Remote Experiences

Remote Experiences

Wishing to break from the crowded rush of everyday life? Our personalized tours will bring you to feel secluded and an overwhelming sense of calm.
Board a traditional sailing boat through the fjords of the Lofoten Islands. Venture into the Land of the Berbers, deep into the Moroccan desert. On the tip of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, swim in a flamingo-filled saltwater lagoon. Sleep under the stars in Uluru Biosphere Reserve, in Australia. Enjoy a dramatic encounter with gorillas in Uganda. Stay in a barefoot hideaway in Nicaragua. Or sojourn in the stunning backdrop of Ethiopia.
Our experts have endless possibilities to offer you.

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Iceland: Mysterious, Magnetic and Unike

On Request

If you are looking for unique and remote experiences, this country has a lot to offer.

Maldives Special: Tropical Getaway

On request

Discover the ultimate remote haven: fine sand beaches, sapphire blue water and a multitude of underwater coral reefs.